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About Our Equipment

We carry top-of-the-line rental HVAC equipment to help keep your space at the perfect temperature all year long. Our rescue units are designed to accommodate everything from small to large spaces. When you don’t have the heating and cooling equipment it can make a home, office building, workplace, or industrial space uncomfortable at best and dangerously hot or cold at worst.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment designed to keep your building at the perfect temperature any season of the year. Our equipment is available for rent whenever you need it, giving you the flexibility to scale up when your HVAC needs increase and scale back down after the emergency situation or temporary need is over.

At Rescue Cooling we use the latest in spot cooling & heating technology and are able to accommodate virtually any space that needs climate control.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit
Rescue Unit #1
Cooling Capacity: 400 sq. ft.
13,700 BTU
Standard 110 outlet at 11.5 A
Rescue Unit #2
Heating & Cooling Capacity: 600 sq. ft.
16,800 BTU
Standard 110 outlet at 15.5 A